Okay Today Suggestions for scheduling reassurance and reminder calls are provided as a guide to help you to set up your Okay Today account.

Call Times/Time Zones

All call times are local to our server (Pacific Standard Time). This means if you specify a call should happen at 8:00 AM, the call will occur at 8:00 AM our time rather than the time zone of the person being calling. Please adjust your call times accordingly.

Picking Contacts To Be Notified:

We strongly recommend that you provide two (2) contacts to be notified when there is no response to reassurance calls or the person indicates that they are not okay. It is your responsibility to make sure that the people selected as contacts are willing to be notified. We recommend trustworthy contacts. We strongly suggest that at least one of the contacts lives close to the person receiving the calls, and is provided with a key for entry if needed.

If the person being called has pets, please be sure both contacts are told that the pets are there (kind and number), have keys for entry, and are provided with the pet’s care information.

Picking A Reassurance Call Time:

Many people get up early, and so prefer to be called early. However others like to sleep in a bit, so early morning calls may not be the best for them. And others prefer to schedule their medical appointments and shopping early in the day, so calls later in the day work best for them.

We recommend scheduling times that work best with usual daily routines, and when it’s certain that the person receiving calls will be home.

NOTE: The accuracy of call times depend on the call volume for that time period. TIP: Choose a time that includes minutes. For example, instead of 9:00 am, choose 9:15 am.

Picking A Medication Reminder Call Time:

Medication reminder calls simply remind someone that it’s time to take their medication, if they haven’t already. Recommended times for calls need to be set according to the prescribed administration time frames, to a maximum of three (3) medication reminder calls per day.

NOTE: Medication reminder calls are not recommended for persons at risk of mistakenly re-taking medication they may have taken just before the call. Blister packs and daily pill containers can be great safeguards against these types of accidental overdoses.

Other Considerations:

Be sure the person being called is aware that calls from Okay Today will be coming, when they are coming, and why.

Our reassurance and reminder phone calls are made on outbound lines only. Please make sure the person being called is informed not to try and call the number displayed on the phone to contact Okay Today.

Always make sure that the person being called is aware that Okay Today does NOT notify emergency services. If the person needs emergency assistance, they must know to call 911 or other emergency service provider numbers.

Avoid scheduling calls after 10:00 pm, as call backs (if needed) will only continue until 12:00 midnight.

In order to prevent false notifications, if there are phone issues/outages in the area of the person receiving calls that prevents them from being reached, we recommend customers turn off calls until phone service has been resumed.

NOTE: Please be aware that if Okay Today experiences unexpected interruption of service beyond our control, such an internet and/or a power outage, downed telephone lines, and/or natural disasters that prevent telephone transmissions, reassurance and medication reminder calls cannot be made.