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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

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Okay Today Calls Inc. (Okay Today) provides automated reassurance and medication reminder calls.

You can choose up to two (2) reassurance calls and/or up to three (3) medication reminder calls per day, and schedule the calls to best suit your needs.

Okay Today Calls was created after a series of unfortunate incidents involving the founder's father and several friends.

These unfortunate incidents inspired the launch of Okay Today Calls Inc.'s affordable reassurance and medication reminder call services to provide people with priceless peace of mind.

Currently our call services are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Phone numbers of the account holder (purchaser), the person being called (callee), and both primary and secondary contacts must be within one of the following area codes; 204, 236, 250, 306, 403, 431, 587, 604, 639, 672, 778, 780 or 825.

Reassurance calls are automated pre-recorded calls placed to recipients within a specific time frame asking them to confirm that they are okay.

Reassurance calls are perfect for persons living alone (independent adults and seniors), people with pets, those with a temporarily compromised health status, those who have multiple chronic health problems, those with no contact with family, persons with limited or no access to transportation and/or socialization, those experiencing changing family structures and critical life transitions (retirement, loss of spouse, loss of driver license, etc.), and sole caregivers, etc..

If our call is not answered, an answering machine or voice mail picks up, or the line is busy, the call will disconnect and 2 more attempts will be made at 30 minute intervals.

If there is still no answer or human response to our calls, an alert notification is sent by phone and email to designated contacts.

If the person does answer the phone, but does not press 1 or 3, hangs up, or presses random numbers, designated contact(s) are notified right away.

Medication reminder calls are automated pre-recorded calls placed to recipients within a specific time frame reminding them to take their medication.

Medication Reminder calls are perfect for anyone who struggles with trying to remember to take medications.
If medication reminder calls are not answered, 2 more attempts will be made at 30 minute intervals to contact the person. If an answering machine responds, we leave a message and no further attempts are made. No one is notified if calls are not answered.

We have 4 outbound lines that we use for our reassurance and medication reminder calls.

They are: 236-423-2879, 236-423-2880, 236-423-2881 & 236-423-2883

Please do not attempt to reach us by using these numbers. They are outbound lines only, and are never answered.

Contacts are alerted by telephone and by email (if they have entered an email address).

Once the notification procedure has been initiated, the primary contact is notified to check on the person. If the primary contact does not answer their phone and confirm receipt of the notification by pressing “1” on their phone, notification is sent to the secondary contact. If that notification is not confirmed, calls will alternate between the primary and secondary contacts until confirmed or until midnight.

If there is only a primary contact on file, then the primary contact will continue to receive calls until they confirm receipt of the alert or until midnight.

Call 911. We do not provide emergency notification services.
  1. Go to our sign up page and enter your information to create an account.
  2. Select the call plan that best suits your needs.
  3. Pay for service(s).
  4. Go to your account management page.
  5. Press the edit button for the plan you just purchased.
  6. Enter the information for the person being called.
  7. Enter the information for the contacts to be notified.
  8. Select the days and times to call.
  9. Activate the calls.
  10. Save changes
That’s it!
Absolutely not! The only equipment required to receive Okay Today calls is a touch tone phone or cell phone (rotary phones will not work), an active phone plan with your favorite carrier and internet access (for managing your account).
The only other fee is the applicable tax.
Payment forms are limited to those accepted by Stripe, our payment processing provider.


Payments are processed securely through Stripe (https://stripe.com/en-ca). Stripe is a leading payment processor for online services and in-mobile apps, and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available in the online payment industry.

Log into your account management page. Select the person's plan you want to edit.
  • Edit the phone number of the person being called,
  • Edit the schedule for call days and times
  • Edit the contacts who are to be notified.
  • Save Changes

Changes to calls take effect the next day.

Yes, of course.

However, you will need to cancel the existing Service Plan, and purchase one that better suits your needs. This will change the entire billing cycle, so be aware this may result in days that have been paid for not being used.

It is therefore strongly recommended that wherever and whenever possible, you change Service Plans close to the end of your billing cycle.

Absolutely! We would be sad if you left, but of course you can! Simply go into your account management page, then click on 'Change Account Information'. You will see a 'Close Account' link. You must close all service plans before closing your account. Please review our Terms Of Service before canceling.
Log into your account and click on "Change Account Information". Click on "Update Card Details".

Email us:
General Inquiry: yourfriends@okaytoday.ca
Customer Service: help@okaytoday.ca
Media Inquiry: press@okaytoday.ca

Call us:
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 am (Pacific Time Zone)
Office Phone: 236-423-2882
Cell Phone: 778-983-OKAY (6529)

NOTE: Please do not attempt to reach us by using the call display number that shows when you receive your reassurance or reminder call. Those phone numbers are our outbound lines and are never answered.

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