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Okay Today Calls Inc. is a Canadian corporation founded by Cathie Roney, a woman who knows the emotional repercussions of a loved one found deceased days after passing.

Okay Today Calls Inc. offers up to 2 automated telephone reassurance calls per day. Our calls are a reliable and affordable way for anyone to be sure contacts are notified if they indicate they are not okay, or if they do not respond to our calls.

Okay Today Calls Inc. also provides up to 3 convenient medication reminder calls per day, according the customer’s needs.

Cathie’s Story

Cathie Roney was born in Victoria, but raised in the Bulkley Valley area of northern BC.  Her mother married Raymond Lacotte when she was just four years old. Raymond became the father figure her biological father was not. Raymond absolutely loved and adored Cathie, treating her as his daughter right from the start. His love and attention taught her that it takes more than genetics to be a father, it takes ‘being there’.

Before And After Little Girl To Wedding

Sadly, her mother and Raymond parted when she was 12, but the separation did not effect her relationship with her Dad. Her mother always invited Raymond to celebrate special occasions and holidays with her and Cathie, even after remarrying. (Cathie wishes more blended families could be like this).

Years later her Dad, who loved his independence, told her that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The effects were mild at first, but he started having more and more “attacks”, and eventually ended up in a wheelchair. Knowing Raymond would have hated to have been put into a care facility, Cathie helped modify his home to be wheelchair accessible, helped him get a scooter to give him greater mobility in the community, arranged a housekeeping service, and got him set up with a Life Alert emergency notification system.

Life caused her to move to Prince George, BC (4 hours away), but she checked on him through regular emails and calls several times a week. Then something horrible happened. In April of 2008 the housekeeper came on a Monday as scheduled, but uncharacteristically Raymond did not answer his door. His scooter was still there, and knowing he was an early riser, the housekeeper thought he may have laid down for a nap. So she left and returned later that day, but there was still no answer.

She then became worried enough to call Cathie’s mother and the police. Cathie’s mother and stepfather raced down to the house, where they found police had already gained entry. The officers told her they found Raymond deceased on the floor beside his bed, his emergency notification device sitting unused on his night stand just a few feet from him.

An autopsy was performed, and the coroner assured Cathie that her Dad had died almost instantly from a massive heart attack, and did not suffer in pain. However, to this day Cathie still wonders if that was true, or if the coroner had just said that to make his family feel better.

Either way, Cathie still feels terribly guilty that she got so busy with life she didn’t call or email him just for a few days. And now the thought that her Dad may have laid on that floor suffering for days will likely haunt her forever.

As mentioned, Raymond had a Lifeline alert device, but like so many who have them, he didn’t wear it. Then, when he needed it most, it was out of reach. If a service like Okay Today Calls Inc. had been available back then, would Raymond still be alive today? Cathie is unsure. What she does know is that if Okay Today had existed, she would have been alerted when he didn’t answer his phone, and someone would have gone to check on him.

Years later two friends of hers were found after falling and being unable to call for help. Luckily, one was found alive after three days, and was rushed to the hospital and survived. Unfortunately, her other friend had passed away and was not found for five days.  If they would of had telephone reassurance calls from Okay Today Calls, someone would have been alerted and their situation would of been discovered much sooner.

So, to honour her father and friends, Cathie and her spouse formed Okay Today Calls Inc.. Her motivation is to help prevent possible suffering, and/or someone not being found for days. Okay Today helps loved ones know when someone important to them is not okay.

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