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Okay Today provides affordable automated reassurance and medication reminder calls to make sure someone cared for is okay today.

Our affordable telephone reassurance calls ask someone to confirm that they are OKAY TODAY. If the person does not confirm they are okay, or they indicate that they need assistance, we alert their designated contacts.

Our medication reminder calls remind someone to take their medication, if they haven’t already.

Currently our call services are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Phone numbers of the account holder (purchaser), the person being called (callee), and both primary and secondary contacts must be within one of the following area codes; 204, 236, 250, 306, 403, 431, 587, 604, 639, 672, 778, 780 or 825.

~ There is no greater health or wealth than peace of mind. ~

Be Sure With Okay Today’s Daily Check In Service!

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Our automated telephone reassurance call service is perfect for anyone living alone, especially seniors. Okay Today reassurance calls are also ideal for persons struggling with health related issues.

Reassurance calls are more than just a way to check to see if people living alone are okay today, they also provide peace of mind to people with pets if something were to happen – because no one wants their pets fending for themselves.

Okay Today’s Reassurance Call Service Is Great For…


Okay Today Reassurance Calls provide peace of mind to those living alone, and help them feel more secure. Our daily phone calls are an excellent way to make sure they’re okay today.


Okay Today Automated Telephone Reassurance Calls provide priceless peace of mind to the family or friends of a loved one. They’ll know the person they care about is called every day to make sure that they’re okay today.

Healthcare Providers & Caregivers

Okay Today Reassurance Calls provide a perfect telecare tool for healthcare providers and professional caregivers who want to know clients are okay today.

People With Pets

Okay Today Telephone Reassurance Calls provide pet owners with the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of a situation, their pet(s) won’t be forgotten or overlooked, they’ll be okay too.

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Okay Today Telephone Reassurance Calls Provide Peace Of Mind For Just Pennies A Day

Peace of mind is priceless. Providing reassurance that someone cared for is okay for less than a dollar a day makes Okay Today Calls a win-win for everyone.

Okay Today Calls provide people with the dignity of being able to stay at home longer as they age, surrounded by the things they love, and the memories they treasure.

Okay Today Calls gives family, friends, and caregivers peace of mind knowing that there’s an action plan in place if there is no response to a scheduled reassurance call.

We cannot predict the future, but we can plan for it. Okay Today Calls is a great addition to care and support plans. Our calls assure family and caregivers that no one will  suffer for days if unable to indicate that they need help.

Okay Today Calls respect the privacy and independence of those being called, and reduce the need for family, friends, or a caregiver to physically check on them every day.

Okay Today Calls require no special equipment to lease or purchase, no other subscription services to sign up for, and no set up fees.

Customers have full control over their Okay Today Calls account 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can manage all aspects of it.

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